Step into the World of a Modern Day Horse Whisperer

2Horse Productions is focused on producing entertaining and inspiring programs that excite and enlighten the viewer on nature, animals and adventure lifestyle. Julie Goodnight, Executive Producer, renown “horse whisperer” and TV personality, has dedicated her life to helping horses, one human at a time. Stephen Schott, Producer and Director, has been involved in both the horse world and the TV industry for 30 years. Together, Steve and Julie have collaborated for more than a decade, producing a popular how-to reality series on handling, riding, and training horses. Together, they produced and delivered 260 episodes of unscripted live-horse programming, from 2008-2018. Rounding out the 2Horse team is Myles Fuchs, a media, marketing and business development professional, previously involved with significant media startups such as Financial News Network (now CNBC) and Prime Sports Channels (now Fox Sports), among many other projects.